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Medication therapy and counseling from experts who care

Psychology Associates has developed a comprehensive telemedicine treatment program for opioid use disorder incorporating the newest approaches along with traditional medication-assisted treatment. 

  • You begin the program by meeting face-to-face with our medical staff and addiction experts. In our initial assessment, we evaluate your needs and establish a treatment plan that’s right for you. 


  • We identify issues that may have contributed to your opioid misuse and develop strategies specific to your needs.

  • We prescribe and monitor medications that allows you to manage powerful drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms. 

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  • Treatment is provided in person and via telemedicine for consistent, uninterrupted yet convenient care.


  • Our addiction specialists provide ongoing behavioral health counseling and support.


  • Our Virtual EMDR sessions, which patients can access on their own time between appointments, has demonstrated effectiveness in treating addiction and trauma by helping people heal from past emotional distress.  (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy)


  • Studies have found that Virtual EMDR, when compared to talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, is more effective.  With Virtual EMDR, improvement many times can be seen with fewer sessions and there is infrequent relapse of symptoms.

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