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Our Team

Below are the team members who, together, make up one of the finest groups of mental health treatment specialists in our area. Click on the names below to view profiles. 

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Dr. Stephen C. Lower

Dr. Steve Lower has dedicated his career to redefining healthcare delivery through telehealth solutions. For over 40 years, Dr. Lower has been providing high-quality, high-value behavioral health care services in his clinics in Philadelphia, through his Employee Assistance Program (EAP) company established in 1982, and more recently with Quantum Health Connect. 


Dr. Lower has become increasingly concerned because over the last four decades, America has ignored a growing behavioral health problem. As state mental health facilities were closed across the country in the early '70s, no system was put in place to deal with the nation’s mental health needs. Many in this country looked the other way and hoped the problems would go away. Well, the problems did not go away and now America has a mental health epidemic.  


It is estimated that in the US, 31 million people spent $9 billion last year on behavioral health treatment.  Millions of people living in rural areas and the disabled are more susceptible to mental illness, but they have less access to treatment due to geographic and mobility constraints. Seventy percent of the counties in this country have no behavioral health workers.  A recent USA Today Special Report estimated that benefits for those with emotional disorders who cannot support themselves and the loss of productivity costs the US economy more than $444 billion each year.  A recent New York Times article stated that general hospitals will spend $38.5 billion this year caring for patients whose primary issue was a behavioral health diagnosis.


QHC is working to address this crisis by delivery solutions that enable access and improve treatment for behavioral health patients.  Our products and services include virtual offices, a national network of medical & behavioral health providers, Behavioral Health Assessments, telehealth hardware & software, Remote Patient Monitoring, and data management & predictive analytics. To help address the opioid and addiction epidemic, QHC’s treatment approaches include virtual medication-assisted treatment and virtual EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement & Desensitization Reprocessing). 


QHC is dedicated to providing solutions that transform healthcare delivery through telehealth and to integrating medical & behavioral health care.


* Data from the National Healthcare Surveys - national Center for Health Statistics. 

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